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On this website we have gathered answers to the most frequently asked questions about destination weddings.


Costa Blanca Events is specialised in Weddings in Spain, and more specifically, in the beautiful Costa Blanca, (white coast), where the sun shines more than 300 days per year. We can arrange everything, from arrival in Spain until departure back to your home country, and we offer a choice of over 30 venues to make your perfect wedding abroad come true, so have a look at our different moodbooks ;

Read all about weddings abroad here, or click on weddings in Spain for more specific info.

Weddings abroad are totally different !


No stress, more fun ! And more value for money !

Costa Blanca Events is a reliable partner with professional and experienced wedding planners who speak your language, and plan your dream destination wedding in Spain to perfection.

destination weddings

Destination weddings are becoming increasingly popular,

but what are the benefits, possibilities, obligations, costs, etc ?


Anybody who has ever attended a wedding abroad will agree,

it's an unforgettable experience, for bride, groom and all of the guests.


Destination weddings are totally different. Bride, groom and all of the guests

are more relaxed, in a vacation style atmosphere where the sun is shining.

But it's almost impossible to plan a destination wedding all by yourself, so you need somebody that can take care of all the planning and preparations for you. Preferably a professional wedding planner who lives and works in the area, who speaks your language and the local language, and knows the local laws, venues, providers, etc...

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Ok, now that you have a pretty good idea on the budget, how do you start ?

The first question that usually comes to mind is "what would be the cost of my dream wedding abroad ?

Each wedding couple has other preferences, chooses a different venue, wedding setting, flowers and decorations, reception, dinner, etc. In short, each wedding is different, and as a result also the cost of each wedding is different.


That's why we created the free online wedding budget calculator which makes it very easy to get an answer to the question "what would be the cost of my dream wedding in Spain ?"


You enter the estimated number of guests to your wedding, and the system immediately creates a detailed wedding plan and budget for you, without any commitment whatsoever.


But it does even more then that ; it shows you 3 different totals, based on your estimated number of guests ;

  • the minimum budget

  • the average budget based on the services and choices chosen by most wedding couples

  • the maximum budget

The first step is to decide, where, when and who...

Some time ago, I wrote an article on how to plan your destination wedding using the 5W system, and it has been published on various international blogs about weddings abroad, and couples have found it very helpful.

You can find the article on our "how to plan a wedding abroad" page. In short, it all starts with 3 "W"s




We're based in Altea, in the Spanish Costa Blanca, which with 300 sun-days per year, not too hot in the summer and very remote chance of rain, in short, is an ideal climate for a destination wedding.

We work with more then 30 superb venues ; beach, seafront or seaview venues, inland venues and churches.




Choosing a venue is great, if it's available. If not, you either have to choose another date, or another venue.

That's why "when" is the second "w". In choosing the date, you also need to check if all the persons who really need to be there can make it to the wedding.




Unless you want to plan your wedding all by yourself ( which we absolutely don't recommend ) you need to hire a wedding planner, someone who lives and works in your chosen destination, who's experienced and ensures that your wedding dream, becomes a dream wedding. That's your 'who'.


Costa Blanca Events


Is a professional wedding planner agency, specialised in wedding in Spain, and more specifically in the Spanish Costa Blanca. Apart from a lot of weddings in Altea, all our venues are located in the region.

We're professionals, graduates of one of the leading international wedding planner institutes.


We have a totally different opinion about the task of a wedding planner then most other wedding planners.


Most wedding planners do preliminary research about venues and vendors, but only start negotiating with them when they have been contracted by the wedding couple, and the decision to go with a venue and important vendors is taken based on few meetings, which hardly offer any substantial guarantee on a perfect wedding.


As a result the relationship between the venue and vendors is often as casual as the relationship would be with the wedding couple directly without a wedding planner.


We, at Costa Blanca Events don't agree with this approach.


We scout for the best venues and vendors in the region, visit them and if possible we talk with colleague wedding planners who have already worked with them in the past. This evaluation process can take up to 3 months.


If and only if we're satisfied about their quality, service, reliability and punctuality, in short that they meet our standards, then we start negotiations to see if we can reach a good deal to offer to our wedding couples.


Because we're very selective in our partners, they know that if they do a perfect job, and 'do what they say and say what they do' they then can become one of our recommended partners, and that we will bring them many weddings.


A status they don't want to risk losing !


This is just one of the many reasons to contract Weddings in Spain / Costa Blanca Events


Yoep, Your Online Event Planner is an online platform, especially designed for us, and unique in the world, which makes it very easy, and stress free for you to plan your wedding, with our help and assistance, and very easy for your guests to plan their attendance to your wedding, book accommodations with lowest price guarantee, etc...

Advantages, possibilities, prices and how to plan weddings abroad ?